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Normandia FIA2,48511420 2,42% 1,80% -0,73% 40,47%148,51% 109.182.804,7098.884.243,71
IPCA + Yield IMA-B (Benchmark)0,03%0,15%3,85%9,20%93,93%
Normandia Institucional FIC FIA1,63425440 2,48% 2,52% 1,32% 38,07% 67,48% 17.452.967,2916.828.866,86
IBX-50 (Benchmark)1,57%3,36%5,51%63,35%68,69%

As of: May 07, 2021
¹Normandia FIA: August 28, 2014
¹Normandia Institucional FIC FIA: November 30, 2017
Asset Under Management: BRL 126.6 millions

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